What is God Doing Right Now? Find Out from This Book!

Heaven On Earth, Here and Now

My normal instinct as a very fast reader was to dash through the book. Three minutes into the work, I realized I had a treasure in my hand and that such nonchalance would be impossible and irreverent. S.D., Thornton, CO

I will summarize it as swimming through honey...  S.D., Denver, CO

Spiritual Map
 of the New Millennium

The prophetic sweep of this book reveals the heart of God for His people and the grand-scale restoration glory He has planned since before time and creation.

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Help for readers seeking growth  in their spiritual life includes: 

how to hear God speak 
how to discover the I AM in creation and in people
how to handle the storm and fire of suffering                        

Help for God-seekers:

how to invite God's coming glory
how to honor God's anointing
how to prepare for the prophesied  Day of the Lord

For Those in the Secret Place of God's Heart:

Enter into the presence of God               
in such a dimension that daily life              
becomes a Heaven On Earth,               
Here and Now. This is the joyous                   
news from Jesus that this book                               

The author, Mary Ellen Gilliland.
has shared with the body of Christ
the prophetic message from the
Holy Spirit: God's glory is coming
and His magnificent goodness
will be manifested.

Don't miss the coming of His glory
--just as some missed Jesus' coming on
earth 2000 years ago--because of wrong
expectations. Expect to see Jesus come
in His people! Read the book to learn more!

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1: I AM

Self-Revealing One
Take a Fresh Look at Me

He's Right Here, Right Now
Invite Me In

Seeing God in Creation
My Handiwork Proclaims Me

All We Cherish About Life is Him
Your Sweetest Memories--I Was There

I Am Available
Right Here! Right Now!

2: I AM Life, Love and Light

 I AM Life
I Am Exuberantly Alive--In You!

I AM Love
An Eager, Lavish, Love

I AM Light
Let Me Light Up the World--in You

 3: Mixed Spirits

Am in You
I Have Fused My Self Into You

You Are in Me
Discover What "In Christ" Means

4: Storm, Fire and Judgment

I Am Hidden In Your Storm

Yield To My Refiner's Fire


5: The Anointing

The Anointing of Messiah
All Flesh Shall See My Glory

Holy Nation Called
I Rejoice Over My  People

Rule and Reign
The Book of Revelation Is Happening Now

6: Refreshing

Restoring the "Captivity of Jacob"
I Give You Days Of Heaven On Earth

7: The Blessing Feast

Feast of Tabernacles
My Seven-Year Party In Dark Times

God's Secret Intention
Have I Got Good News for You!

The Wedding Feast
I Save the Best Wine for Last

Prepared for Rapture
How I'll Do It "In A Twinkling"

Love Letters from Jesus

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