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Senate Saloon in 1890s Kokomo, Colorado


A Gold Rush History of Summit County, Colorado

Cover Image: SUMMIT, Gold Rush HIstory

25th Anniversary Edition

New! 512 pages; 250 images
New! Summit ranch history and local cowboy tales
New! Then and Now Photographic Section
New! 30 history-packed chapters
New! Bumpy start of summit ski mountains

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(Special features: Custom Smythe-sewn binding, gold-foil embossed, cloth cover and sturdy 4-color dust jacket, elegant gloss paper)

A superb book...informative, useful and entertaining...Exhaustively researched and engagingly written.  Colorado State University's James E. Hansen II 

SUMMIT's story is as rich as the gold rush the book describes. Narrow-gauge alpine railways, nomad Ute Indians, lusty mine camps, the 1860s birth of now-famous ski towns and self-guided mine tours all highlight this classic history.

    A parade of larger-than-life characters capture the reader's imagination--people like Snow Shoe Itinerant John Lewis Dyer, the skiing preacher. A host of intriguing personalities, the prospector, the claim jumper who trailed him, the shyster lawyer who came on his heels, shady lady right behind and hard-working miner, shopkeeper and civil servant, all created the history this book records.

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In SUMMIT, you'll find:                                                                         

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