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Heaven On Earth,

 Here and Now

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The first in Alpenrose Press' new line of spiritual books, Heaven On Earth, Here and Now, is a joyous message from Jesus to His people. The 264-page Christian book is available from Alpenrose Press' Zoebooks division at $15.95.

ZoeBooks is a new imprint of Alpenrose Press, which since 1979 has published Colorado ski, snowshoeing, hiking and outdoor guides for the Colorado Rockies. ZoeBooks, on the other hand, publishes Christian books. Here you can learn the latest in Holy Spirit prophecy for the end times church. You can read samples from the stirring book, Heaven On Earth, Here and Now. You can enjoy our popular newsletters, provided in full at our website, http://www.zoebooks.com. You can also go there to order books and newsletter subscriptions.

Prophecy: Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church now! Prophecy updates are available weekly. Listen as Jesus speaks to His Bride, the Church. Heed the sound of the trumpet as God alerts His people to strategic moves in the spiritual arena. 

Prophetic Book: Thrilling book, HEAVEN ON EARTH, HERE AND NOW, packs the big picture of what God proposes for His Third Day Church into 264-pages depicting the grand scheme of God to bless His people. In a time of darkness, God will release His healing, His glory, His fulfillment of all His precious promises into the lives of those sold out to Him. Read more about Heaven On Earth

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    This book will enhance readers' efforts to:

Prophecy Reports: Full-length, in-depth prophecies on subjects such as The Third Day and a coming Flood of God's Blessing will stir your heart and lift your hope. God is speaking to His servants the prophets that this is the morning of the third day (or, the third thousand years since Christ) and that He has hidden a pattern in the Bible which depicts the outpouring of The Third Day, when everything Satan ruined in Genesis will be restored. Just as He destroyed the earth in Noah's day with flood, He will cause the fountains of the deep to erupt once again--this time with His own Holy Spirit's glorious deluge.


How To Order

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