Cookies for People in High Places

High Altitude Baking – Proven Recipes for Elevations Above 7,900 Feet

By Vera Dawson

Skiing, boarding, hiking, and clean air…these are the reasons we come to the mountains. Yes, time spent outside is pure heaven. But when we come inside things can go wrong, particularly in the kitchen. Baking at or above 7,900 feet is as much of a challenge as a day on the slopes. So think of me as you would a ski instructor, but I’m going to help you master your oven rather than those black diamond runs.

For more than 25 years, I’ve been finding solutions to the problems we face when baking in thin air, and I love passing them on to others through my columns, books, and classes. My proven collection of recipes that work is ever-growing and this book, devoted to cookies, contains some of my favorites. To be included in it, they had to be:

  • Well-tested
  • Reliable
  • Easy to follow
  • Use ingredients that are readily available, and
  • Downright delicious

I’m sharing them with you in hopes that, through them, you’ll add baking to the joys you experience in the mountains and find the pleasure that comes from baking for people in high places.