150 Years of Golden History

By Mary Ellen Gilliland

  • New research yields ground-breaking new perspective on prospectors’ arrival and routes.
  • Pioneer Profiles: focus on less-known but vibrant and intriguing personalities.
  • New stories: wacko 1920s “ski courses” on Shock Hill.
  • Hoosier…site of early-day ski area.
  • Tonopah dredge invades town, rips up beautiful Blue River.
  • First-ever look at the town’s fun and folksy years, 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s.
  • Ski Resort history: How did a fledgling Breckenridge ski area get its start?
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“The book is as full of riches as Summit County was full of gold. The book is worth reading as Colorado history and worth owning for all those interested in Summit County. ‘Gold is where you find it’ and you can find almost everything about the Summit County gold rush in the pages of this book.”