Baking Above It All

High Altitude Baking – Proven Recipes for Elevations Above 7,900 Feet

By Vera Dawson

Forget skiing black diamond runs or scaling rock cliffs, the biggest challenge facing us in the mountains is found in our ovens. Getting a cake to bake without falling or a cookie to hold its shape is the trust test of one’s strength and fortitude. I know- I’ve spent years seeking solutions to the difficulties encountered when baking at high altitudes. As a result, I’ve developed, and continue to expand, a collection of recipes that work. I love sharing them with others through my books and high-altitude baking column and as a chef instructor at the Culinary Institute of Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge.

But I didn’t write this book to display my skills and talents as a baker. On the contrary, my goal is to validate and enhance your baking abilities and assure your success and increased enjoyment in the kitchen.

So I promise you a set of recipes that:

  • have been tested numerous times and are highly reliable,
  • call for ingredients that are readily accessible,
  • require no esoteric techniques,
  • provide clear step-by-step directions and tips for their accomplishment, and
  • result in high-quality, delectable baked goods that you’ll be proud to serve.

Put on an apron, bring out your mixing bowls, and find the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from baking above it all.

Many are successful at any altitude and can be used everywhere. Numerous recipes are gluten-free and wheat-free.